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High quality PDF manual in English. Includes parts diagrams.

Set up and operation of the Logan 8" shapers. In English, with parts diagrams. High quality scanned manual.

Hi-resolution scans of original manual. Includes description, parts diagrams and specifications.

Scanned owner's manual in English

Scanned manual in English. Reasonable quality scan. OCR'd

Scanned document in English. Grainy but readable. OCR.

Good quality PDF in English. Includes parts diagrams and numbers.

English instruction manual for the CM 3-in-1 format sold by Harbor Freight. Scanned PDF of good quality.

English Instruction manual for the Central Machinery 3-in-1 format machine model 39743 sold by Harbor Freight tools. Includes parts diagrams. Scanned PDF of reasonable quality. OCR'd for searching.

Typical rotary switches used in many 3-in-1 machines for motor selection and direction. Also used in other applications

English. Includes tables for index plates and formulas for this 6" 90:1 rotary table.

Charts for standard index plates. Chart #1 covers 2 - 860 divisions. Chart #2 covers 42 to 3960 divisions.

English, with photographs and diagrams. Included chart contains errors and omissions, which have been corrected in this file.

English. Step-by-step instructions for the replacement of the Harbor Freight HF-3980 mill spindle bearings. With photographs.

HF_L-H007_spindle_bearings.pdf is the original file.

SpindleRebuild.pdf is a version annotated by a user who…

English user manual. This machine is a typical example of the 4" x 6" class of horizontal bandsaw. OCR'd for ease of searching.

The operating manual for the HQ800V. Includes complete parts diagrams and part numbers. Poor English, it was probably translated from Chinese. Edited for clarity of some key items.
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